10 Things You Might Not Know About The Goonies!

We all love the Goonies, I must have seen it 500 times! it is the ultimate 80s family movie, we all believed that we were one of the Goonies. But there are things about the production of the movie you may not know about. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the Goonies.

1.The Coreys

thecoreysThe two Coreys, who went on to become inseparable, actually met for the first time at the auditions for the Goonies – they were both auditioning for the part of Mouth!

2.┬áSloth’s Makeup


Former Football Player John Matuszak, had t0 spend 5 hours in makeup having Sloth’s face applied. If he got wet or had too much sweat the makeup would droop and they would have to start all over again!


3. The Treasure Map


After filming completed, actor Sean Astin (Mickey) was allowed to keep the treasure map from the film! Unfortunately his Mom later mistook it for rubbish and threw it away!