10 80s TV Themes You’ll Love Singing Along Too!

We rushed home for School or got up on a Saturday morning to see our favourite tv shows. We knew all the words and tunes and couldn’t help but sing along. Here are 10 80s TV Themes that will take you straight back to your childhood!



Feel the magic feel the roar! How many of the words can you remember?

2. He-Man and the Masters of The Universe

…..the day i held aloft my magic sword and said, I have the power!

3. Raggy Dolls


Stand on your two left feet and join our Raggy Doll chums!

4. Fraggle Rock


Dance your cares away, worries for another day, let the music play, down at………

5. Dogtanian


One for all and all for one!

6. Dangermouse


Crikey chief!

7. Jamie and the Magic Torch

Down the Helter Skelter Faster and Faster to Cuckoo Land!

8. Defenders of the Earth


Master of magic, spells and illusion…..

9. Duck Tales


I dare you not to sing along!

10. Mysterious Cities of Gold


This was the one we all wanted to sing along to, you could even send off for a song sheet from Phillip Schofield in the broom cupboard!

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