10 Things You Remember From Your Nan’s House!

If you were lucky enough to spend time with your grandparents when you were a kid, you will probably have very fomd memories of being at their house. I loved spending time at my Nan house and here are 8 things that remind me of that time. Things you might have seen at your Grandparents house!

1. Glass Animals

There’s nothing my Nan liked more than ornaments, as you’ll see from the following pictures. These glass woodland animals were a particular favourite.

2. Horse and Cart Ornament


Another of my nans favourite ornaments. They must have made millions of these! They were everywhere.

3. These Ornaments


I don’t know what they were called, but I loved them!

4. These Mirrors

My Nan had a Mirror in every room. They were all big vintage mirrors like this one. The biggest heaviest one of all was hung above the fireplace in the living room.