8 Things That Happened When You Had A Day Off School Ill!

I know there were a few occassions when we genuinley were ill and had to have a day off school, but let’s face it most of the time we were faking it and pulled a sickie!¬†When you had the day off school the routine was always the same – here’s 8 things many of us will have experienced on a day off school, because we were ill in the 80s

Sofa and a Blanket

First thing was first, you had to get yourself on the sofa and look very sorry for yourself, whilst your Mum sorted out one of these wool blankets for you!

2. Temperature?


Then you would have one of these put on your forehead to check your temperature. Your only hope would be your Mum would leave the room so that you could take the opportunity to breath on it and fake that you were burning up!

3. Jnr Disprin / Calpol

The medicine that can cure anything! Still by used parents to this day, one spoonful of this stuff is what you needed for whatever was wrong with you!

4. Arrowroot Biscuits


This, you would be told, is all that your delicate tummy could cope with because you were so ill, if you could keep these down you might be allowed something else later!


5. Lucozade



Everyone who was ill back in the day had to have Lucozade. Long before it was a ‘sports’ drink it came in a glass bottle with a cellophane wrapper and it was meant to pick you up if you were down!

6. Afternoon Kids TV


At lunch time the BBC had it’s ‘Seesaw’ section that was always worth a watch when you’d thrown a sickie! Programmes like King Rolo, Pigeon Street, Bric-a-Brac and of course Chockablock!

7. Soup and Toast


If you managed to keep the Arrowroots down (which of course you had because you were fine really) you were allowed to have something light, usually soup and toast!

8. Daytime TV!


You also had to endure daytime TV! Australian programmes like Sons and Daughters and the Sullivans! After this of course School was out and now you had to cnvince the adults that you were well enough to go to cubs or brownies!