10 Things Generations of Kids Have Loved!

Some things just never age, I wish I was one of them! Many of the things we loved in the 80s, were around long before that, and many of them are still around now! How many of these 10 things that entertained 80s kids do you remember?

1. The Beano


First published in 1938 and still being printed today the beano was filled with characters we all loved.

2. Enid Blyton Books


Enid Blyton’s first book was published in 1921! She went on to create a multitude of long lasting characters including Noddy, The Famous Five and Mr Pinkwhistle!


3. Fisher Price Toys


Fisher Price was founded in 1930 and are still making toys today. If your reading this article the chances are you have probably played with a Fisher Price toy at some point!