10 Star Wars Toys Every 80s Kid Wanted!

For almost 40 years now we have been obsessed with the Star Wars universe. Lucas films wrote the book on merchandising when the first film was released. Ever since then Star Wars toys and memorabilia has made billions worldwide. But for those of us of a certain age it’s the original toys and figures from the first 3 films that really floats our boat!

We know that this list won’t be the same as many other peoples list but, here is our list of 10 of the best Star Wars Toys

1. AT-AT


I remember feeling like this was as big as me when i was a kid, although I really wanted it to walk on it’s own!

2. Jabba The Hut Action Playset


I know he was the ultimate baddy but this playlet was very cool!

3. Action Figures


We could do a whole separate list for the best Star Wars figures, and it would be really difficult to select just one for this list. I did always have a soft spot for R2 though!

4. Millenium Falcon


Probably the Ultimate star wars toy and the vehicle most associated with the franchise. There have been many different versions but the classic one will always be the best!

5. Tie Fighter

I can’t look at one without hearing the noise in my head! And I just want to pop the wings off!

6. X Wing


This would shoot down my Tie Fighters every time! not sure what’s going on with the canopy on this one though!

7. Ewok Village


Never did get my hands on one of these, but it does look amazing doesn’t it!

8. Speeder Bike


Loved my Speeder Bike, pressing the button on the back to make it explode was very satisfying.

9. Droid Factory

star wars

Construct your own droids, what’s not to love?

10. Light Saber – Star Wars


We know that this isn’t from the original toy line but it’s so cool we had to put it on the list! Even big kids would love to get there hands on one these realistic light sabre’s!



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