10 80s TV Puppet Shows That Everybody Watched!

The 80s had some great TV shows, there’s no denying that! Some of the best were based around puppets, these furry creations fascinated our younger selves and so here is a list of 10 TV Puppet Shows we loved to watch

1. The Muppet Show


2. You and Me

3. Fraggle Rock


4. Rainbow



5. Roland Rat The Series

TELEVISION PROGRAMME....THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF PUPPETS... Picture Shows: Roland Rat and friends TX:BBC ONE JANUARY 3, 2000 'Muffin the Mule', Basil Brush and Gordon the Gopher are some of the children's characters included in a nostalgic romp through 'The Wonderful World of Puppets' on New Year's Day, 2000. Aiming to uncover the secrets behind some of television's most famous puppets, the programme includes the early creations of Pinky and Perky and modern puppets like Flat Eric. WARNING: This copyright image may be used only to publicise current BBC programmes or other BBC output. Any other use whatsoever without specific prior approval from the BBC may result in legal action. ... BBC Unmanipulated picture Saturday January 1, 2000


6. The Sooty Show



7. Starfleet



8. Orm and Cheep



9. Terrahawks



10. Spitting Image

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