5 Public Safety Films That Petrified 80s Kids!

These were the Public Information films that were designed to keep us safe and make us aware of the dangers in the world around us.¬†What they actually did was scare us so much we didn’t dare do any of the things they were talking about. Perhaps these types of films should be shown to kids today, but with the amount of media they consume the films would probably not have the same effect that they had on us.

1. Fireworks Safety


This put me off sparklers for the rests of my life. I still can’t hold one today without thinking about this advert!

2. Frisbee Play Safe


Poor Jimmy he should never have gone into that sub station – it’s only a frisbee Jimmy not worth getting electrecuted for.

3. The Spirit Of Dark and Lonely Water


As if i wasn’t already scared of the water when i was a kid, this had me running away from puddles!