8 Life Changing Gadgets From The 80s!

7. Electronic Games


Although there had been a few simple electronic games around in the 70s, It was the 80s that was the age of the Electronic game. Board games, video games and handheld games were extremely popular. This one, BMX flyer was one of my favourites.

8. Nintendo Entertainment System


It was 1987 when the NES reached the UK. Until then the video game market here had been dominated by computer gaming systems like the Spectrum and Commodore. The NES was about to change that. In america the video game industry had suffered a huge crash and stores were hesitant to take on the NES. Nintendo offered them a deal they couldn’t refuse and they began to sell the consoles. The NES was a hit all over the world and was in no small part responsible for the hugely popular gaming industry we know today!