8 Life Changing Gadgets From The 80s!

It was arguably the decade where technology took it’s biggest leap forward. The 80s saw the dawn of the gadget, the things we all wanted and eventually believed we couldn’t do with out. Many of the gadgets of the 80s are now obsolete but they certainly paved the way for much of the tehnology we use today. How many of these did you have?

 1. The Walkman


Probably THE most important 80s gadget for every teenager back in the day! This was the ipod of our generation. When you wanted to just get away and get lost in the music, you just slipped on those foam covered headphones hit play and away you went! Of course if you wanted to make your own mix tape you’d need one of these….

2. Twin Cassette Recorder


A single cassette recorder was OK and would do the job of recording the charts of the radio, as long as you stopped it before the DJ started talking! If you wanted to make your own mixtapes however, you needed a twin cassette recorder, with a radio of course so you could still record the charts! Music piracy was around long before the internet!


3. Digital Watches


Having a cool digital watch was very important in the 80s. They came in all shapes and sizes, TV and Movie themed, all sorts of colours, but the ultimate in digital watches was of course the calculator watch!

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