10 80s Toys You Might Have Forgotten About!


O.K. So we know that not everybody will have forgotten all of these, otherwise there’d be no point in writing this post! However we’ve put together 10 toys that don’t get talked about all that much anymore and you don’t often see the pictures shared on Facebook.

Hopefully there’s a couple here that’ll make you say ‘OMG! I’d forgotten all about that!’

1. Crossfire

I absolutely loved playing this game when i was a kid. It was a bit like an early version of air hockey, but with ball bearing firing guns to hit the puck with. We played it so much i used to get a blister from the trigger.

2. Star Bird

Quite simply awesome. It had 3 configurations you could change it into. The sounds and lights were just fantastic for a kid. I was always amazed that the sounds changed depending which way you tilted it.

3. Chutes Away

What an amazing, but often forgotten game! Look through the sight, move the ‘realistic’ plane controls and try to get the parachutes in the holes!

4. Merlin


It was 6 electronic games in one! Tic Tac Toe(noughts and crosses), music machine, echo, black jack 13, magic square and mind bender! Developed by NASA scientists it was one of the earliest electronic games and sold over 5 million units.

5. Pocketeers


Originally made by Tomy but sold by Polity in the UK, they were sold as pocket arcade games. Most of them involved moving small ball bearings around, firing them, tilting them,and guiding them. Some of them were wind up, like the racing games.

6. Purple People Eater


The game was very similar to operation in that you had to extractive little people from the purple people eaters mouth, without making contact and setting him off? I remember being scared of it, and i also remember loving it too!

7. Wrist Racers


What wasn’t to love about these. Your favourite TV car like the General Lee, Knight Rider and the A Team van on your wrist! Wind them up, lower the ramp, rev them and let them go!

8. 007 Lotus

0002Lotus underwater 007

If i’m honest i wasn’t even a big James Bond fan as a kid, but i loved this toy especially when playing with it in the bath!

9. Dark Tower


Well this is one hardly anybody remembers, but I loved this game It was a 1981 electronic board game from Milton Bradley. It was the height of role playing game popularity and this was one of those games. Build an army, collect the keys to the tower and defeat the evil within!

10. Robotix


Another Milton Bradley toy! All the parts and instructions you need to build your own robot, amazing!

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