Fidget Toys Have Been Around For Ages!

Fidget toys are nothing new! We were playing with our own versions in the 80s! These were the toys that frustrated the hell out of us, but we just couldn’t put them down! Here are 8 frustrating puzzle toys from the 80s

1. Rubik’s Cube


One of the most iconic toys of the 1980s and one of the most frustrating. I used to take it apart and put it back together to solve it!

2. Tile Puzzles


These came in many shapes and sizes but it’s this one I remember the most from my childhood.


3. Rubik’s Snake


Rubik’s second, but not the last mention in our list. Making a Snake was easy, and I could just about manage the dog, but getting back into the ball shape was another matter.


4. Whip-It!


It may look like one but it wasn’t actually a Rubik’s puzzle!


5. Rubik’s Magic


All you had to do was make the rings link, that simple, so why was it so frustrating!?

6. Waterful Ring Toss


I loved this game but I swear it was impossible to get it to do this!


7. Labyrinth Game


This kept me busy for hours, following that line looked so easy!


8. Rubik’s Clock


No explanation necessary!

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