10 Comics & Magazines We All Loved To Read!

It was pre internet, comic and magazines sales were at their peak in the 70s and 80s and so there was a slew of them for us to read. Some ran for decades others were more short lived but how well do you remember these?


lookinThe junior TV Times ran from the very early 70s to the mid 90s but was never more popular than in the 80s! As well as TV listings for your area it also had comic strips posters profiles and more of all of your favourite Pop Culture icons.

2. Bunty


Girls were reading this from 1958 with the last issue being released in 2001. Brought to you by the same people who produced the Beano!

3. Eagle

Eagle originally ran from 1950 – 1969 but was revived in 1982 briging the adventures of Dan Dare to a whole new generation!

4. Smash Hits

Squarely aimed at the teenage pop market Smash Hits was at it’s peak in the 80s, regularly containing free posters of all your favourite pop stars and lyrics to your favourite songs (you couldn’t just google them in those days)

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