10 Chewing Gums We Chewed In The 80s!

We loved our bubbly, even with warnings of death…”Don’t swallow it or it will wrap around your guts!” (remember that one?) Which was your favourite? Did it make our list? Do you remember these chewing gums?

1.Tubble Gum



Remember the lovely squeeze bubble gum in a tube? Genius invention!

2. Anglo Bubble Gum


A fat pink bubble gum that had a slight taste of germoline? Always made the best bubbles!

3. Golf Ball Bubbly

golfballbubblegum-380x200These were great, always had them in your 10p mix

4. Golden Gum Nuggets


Remember putting as many of these into your mouth as you could fit?

5. Juicy Fruit


Yes we know its not technically a bubble gum but we though it deserved an honourable mention!

6. Bubble  Tape

Another one that we tried to eat in one go.

7. Hubba Bubba

7eebaa51185901f1762bce1ca2ba6167A favourite back then and still popular today. A special shout out for the pineapple flavour!

8. Bubble Gum Strip

10fd37f78ddb47d3b42fe59ce12dbd2eThese always tasted amazing, for a few seconds at least!

9. Screwball bubble gum


This definitely deserved a mention. How amazing did the bubbly taste at the end of your ice cream!

10. Tattoo Bubble gum


Not really bought for the bubble gum but we all loved a fake tattoo transfer back in the day!

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