10 80s Cartoon Sidekicks We All Loved To Watch!

No good 80s cartoon was without a faithful sidekick! Some of them we adored and some of them we found really annoying! Here are 10 80s cartoon sidekicks, did you love them or hate them?

1. Brain

Inspector Gadget’s niece Penny, relies on her trusty K9 sidekick!

2. Godzooky


Godzooky was Godzilla’s cowardly cousin and Pete’s best friend!


3. Orko

One of Prince Adam’s closest friends, Orko knows his secret but doesn’t tell anyone in the Masters of the Universe!

4. Penfold

The hapless sidekick of Danger Mouse!


5. Scrappy-Doo

The ever so slightly annoying nephew of Scooby-Doo!


6. Slimer


In the Real Ghostbusters cartoon series, Slimer has become one of the team!


7. Snarf

A young Lion-o’s nannie, still hanging around to keep the Thundercats safe!

8. Spotty

Superted’s spotty friend – but did he know the secret magic word?

9. T-Bob

cartoon sidekicks
The sidekick from MASK! T-Bob was a robot created by Scott Trakker and he had the ability to transform into a scooter!

10. Uni! Cartoon Sidekicks

Uni the Unicorn became Bobbie’s best friend in Dungeons & Dragons!