8 Brands That Changed Their Name And Why!

Remember when your favourite brands changed their name? We hated and still do, some of the new names for our favourite brands. Here we take a look at the name changes and the reasons why. We’ve thrown in a couple of big brands that you probably didn’t know had gone through a re-brand! Here are 8 name changes and why they changed!

 1. Opal Fruits to Starburst

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Those of us of a certain age were furious when they changed the name of Opal Fruits to Starburst, and we still haven’t been able to let it go! They were originally released in 1960 as Opal Fruits in the UK in 1960. In 1967 the chewy sweets made it to America and were called Starburst. The Opal Fruits name was phased out in 1998 to standardise the product across a Global Market. In my opinion they should have changed the rest of the world’s to Opal Fruits!

2. Jif to Cif

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This isn’t the first time the name of this product has changed. When it was originally manufactured it was called Vim which was then changed to the Jif that we all remember it as. The name change to Cif was again to standardise the brand around the world. I still call it Jif!


3. WWF to WWE


This one is the Panda’s fault! !n the early 90s the World Wide Fund For Nature who also used the initials WWF started legal proceedings against Titan sports who owned the wrestling federation. They agreed to drop the law suit if the wrestling federation stopped using the acronym ‘WWF’ in merchandising and stopped using the abbreviation in spoken form on TV etc. They were however allowed to keep the logo and use the World Wrestling Federation in full. In the early 00s the World Wide Fund For Nature sued the Titan sports for breaches of their original agreement. In 2002 the World Wrestling Federation changed it’s name to World Wrestling Entertainment.