8 Things Your School Banned!

There were loads of fads and crazes when we were at school, some came and went. But the more popular something became the more likely it was to get banned from school! Here are 8 things that were probably banned from yours!

1. Jelly Bracelets

imageWe all know that these were called s*** bands! If a boy managed to break one of your bands then the law said that you had to do the deed with him! It’s no wonder they were banned!

2. Push Pops


When Push Pops were all the rage, they got banned from our school because they were a choking hazard! They were no more of a choking hazard than many of the things served in the school canteen!

3. Jumping Poppers

imageThese were great, turn them inside out, put them on the table and wait until they pop and jump into the air! They got banned when we discovered that if you stuck them to your skin for a while they would give you a love bite style bruise! We looked ridiculous with those things on our forehead!

4. Fun Snaps

These were mini explosives of course they were banned!

5. Pogs

It seems that School Children up and down the country were so intensley into their pog battles that it was leading to actual physical violence! Now we loved a good fight at school but seriously? They’re cardboard discs!

6. Tango

image image
It was this advert (that got banned itself) That led to Tango being banned from our school. At the time we didn’t need an excuse to slap each others face, but if you were seen drinking Tango, this is what happened to you. There were stories of kids with burst Ear drums up and down the UK!

7. Friendship Bracelets


They said that these were banned for health and safety reasons. Apparently they could get caught on machinery or something. I think the real reason is the teachers were jealous they had no friends!

8. Swapsies


Got, got, need! This was a favourite past time in the playground, but when we started swaping in class, they got banned. Our teacher must have had a full Panini album every year with the amount of stickers he confiscated!