8 Baby Toys Everybody Played With In The 80s!

There are fantastic toys, there are amazing toys and then there are Iconic toys. That is exactly what most of the toys on this list are. If you grew up in the UK in the 70s and 80s then it’s a pretty safe bet that you played with at least one of the toys on this list, when you were a baby. Most them got passed down through the siblings, cousins and family members. You might even see many of these toys around still today at car boot sales, jumble sales and in play areas at the doctors waiting room. They probably won’t be being played with though as phones and tablets always seem to win over the more simple toys these days! If you had these toys you might not remember, because you were only a baby! These 8 baby toys were very popular with the babies back in the day!

 1. See N Say

baby toys
This is exactly how we all learned our animal noises when we were kids, although I don’t remember a Coyote! Perhaps this was the American version?


2. Matchbox Yellow Bear cot toy


The most entertaining bear on the planet (If you’re 2 or 3 years old)


3. Fisher Price Record Player

recordplayerRemember the banging tunes you knocked out on this?


4. Cot Activity Centre

cot activity centreProbably the most recognisable toy on the list!


5. Poppin’ Pals

poppin pals


Surprises kids overtime one of them pops up – even though they’ve seen it a million times before!

6. High Chair Activity toy

To keep you occupied during all those hours in the high chair! Nowadays kids are just plonked in front of the TV!



7. Shape Sorter

Everybody had one of these, didn’t they?


8. Musical Television – Baby Toys


Only one channel, playing the same thing over and over again, but we loved it! London Bridge is falling down!


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