8 School Pencil Cases We All Had!


I don’t know about you, but I liked to change my pencil case at least once a month when I was at school! It was essential to not only have a pencil case that held pencils, but was cooler than everyone else’s. Here are 8 pencil cases you may have had when you were at school.

 1. Vibration Pencil Case


I remember thinking this was the coolest pencil case I had ever owned. Not only did it have several compartments, it also had a secret draw, and you could change the shape of it by twisting it – like this:

2. Calculator Pencil Box


It wasn’t a functioning calculator of course, and in fact when you think about it, it doesn’t really resemble a calculator all that much! It did have a built in pencil sharpener though!


3. Pooch Pencil Case


I remember a few girls at school having this Poochie pencil case and the same pencil case but with My Little Pony on it.

4. Crisp Packet Pencil Case


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