8 Things 80s Kids Managed To Survive!

We had so much more freedom than kids today. We lived life to the full, without health and safety warnings. We weren't wrapped in cotton wool and we had fun. Here are 8 things we survived as kids that are now apparently 'bad for you' or dangerous!?

1. Drank full fat milk...

dscf0125...and argued over the cream!
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2. Drank from a hose pipe

well it was better than going inside.

3. Climbed trees

treewithout a fear of falling, who could get the highest!

4. Bought cigs for our parents

higginsgrocerylistWell we did have a note from our mum!

5.Played Kerby

Mottershead-Road-in-WythenshaweIn the street...where cars were...and it was GREAT! 
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6. Played on rusty swings

S82_S102__15479And didn't freak out when the poles came out of the ground!

7. Had a board rubber thrown at/over our heads at school!

Chalkboard_eraser,_Waldorf_School,_East_Lexington_MAAnd inhaled a shedload of chalk dust!

8. Played out all day

80s-Kids-Still-Alive-EMGN4And had sooooo many adventures, and our parents weren't worried if we didn't arrive home until dark!

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