8 Things You Might Have Had In Your 80s Home!

Remember all of those things that made your house your home? The Nik Naks, the furniture, the technology you had in your living room?

Well we’ve chosen 8 things from your 1980s home and put them together in this little list, we hope you enjoy it!


1980s homeThis was my first introduction to music! Playing my mum and dad’s records, things like Elvis, the Beatles and of course Jim Reeves!

2. TV Set Like This


We all had a TV set like this right? No remote control of course, but the adults used you to turn the tv over, all 4 channels!

3. Electric Fire Place

Those coals look so real don’t they? We were never allowed to have both bars of the fire on at the same time though – these things really ate up the 50ps in the meter!

4. Old Man and Woman Ornaments


These were everywhere! Every living room had ornaments like these or ones very similar!


5. Telephone Money Box


Phonecalls weren’t cheap back in the day – if you had a home phone then you must have had one of these? Anyone could make a call as long as the money went in the box!

6. Brandy Glass Ornament


This was another very popular ornament you would have seen around back in the day!

7. Video Recorder


Were you Betamax or VHS? Betamax was better of course but most people went for the cheaper VHS. Buying one wasn’t an option for most so we rented our player!

8. Video Tapes!


If you had a vcr then you probably had a cupboard full of these! If anybody taped over your favourite film they were in big trouble!

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