10 Things 80s Boys Had In Their Bedroom!

When we were kids our bedrooms were our sanctuary. They were where we kept all of the things precious to us, they were decorated how we wanted them to be and they were our own space. It was where we would show off all of our things to friends on sleepovers and the place we would dream of being a pop star whilst singing into a hairbrush! Well if you are an 80s boy here are 10 fantastic things you might have had in your room.

A Team Bedding Set


It was essential in the 80s to have your favourite TV show or movie all over your room. Of course that meant that your duvet cover had to be an A Team one!

2. Look In Magazine


The junior TV Times or Look-In as it was better known, was the best way to keep up with your favourite TV shows, movies and posters. It had TV listings for your area and always had a great pull out poster in the centre!

3. Posters From The Video Shop!

We used to spend hours in the local video shop – so much so we got to know them really well and when they had finished with the posters they used to let us have them for our bedroom walls!

4. Lynx Deodorant (Oriental)

It came out later in the 80s but very quickly became the smell of every boys bedroom and school changing room in the country! We couldn’t get enough of this stuff


5. Black Ash Furniture


The height of fashion in the 80s! Everybody wanted black ash furniture in their bedroom – some of us weren’t lucky enough to get it though!-(

6. Home Computer

ZXSpectrum48kWhether you were a Speccy boy or preferred your C64, you might of even had an Amstrad CPC 464 with a green screen monitor! Your bedroom was where you did most of your gaming – so the TV was free for the adults to watch the news and stuff! Some enterprising young people even went on to write their own games in the bedrooms and go on to make a lot of money from it!

7. Character Wallpaper


Following on from the theme of plastering your bedroom with all things TV and Movie related – who did you have on your bedroom wallpaper?

8. Transformers

Just one of the amazing toy lines from the 80s. Millions of kids around the world couldn’t get enough of Transformers. The brand is so popular it is still going strong today.

9. Annuals


They were a must have Christmas present every year. Annuals reached the peak of their popularity in the 80s and there was one for just about every movie, tv show, cartoon or character you could think of!

10. Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder

You had to have one of these to record the charts! If you had a twin one you could make your own mix tapes! The softer the eject was the better the system, Fact!

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