8 Theme Parks We Loved as Kids!

There was nothing more exciting than being told that you were going to have a day at a theme park. Did you visit any of these when you were a kid!

1. Flamingo Land

FL General 08


Established in 1959 and still popular today but did you visit the dolphins in the 80s? The dolphinarium closed in 1993!

2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach


The Pleasure Beach is still one of the UKs busiest tourist attractions, but, did you visit before you had to pay to get in. Rides were operated on a ticket/token system!

3. Lightwater Valley


Although it started life as a tourist attraction in 1969, it really took off in the 80s. Did you visit here?

4. American Adventure


Opened in 1987 and closed just 20 years later. Do you remember The American Adventure Theme park?


5. Cornwall Coliseum

Coliseum/carpark/otherbuildings -90s

Ok, so we know this isn’t really a theme park but thought it deserves a mention. Did you ever visit the Coliseum? Perhaps you saw one of the big stars that performed here before its closure!

6. Camelot


Opened in 1983 and closed in 2012. Were you one of the first people to visit here?


7. Alton Towers


The garden was opened as a tourist attraction back in the 60s, but in was 1980 that saw it open as a theme park. Did you visit here as a child?


8. Benbom Brothers White Knuckle Theme Park



Ok, so we know that this was really DreamLand in Margate, but for a while it was known as The Benbom Brothers White Knuckle Theme Park. The park has seen closure but  has more recently opened its gates once more!