8 Neighbours Heart Throbs We Had A Crush On

We loved Neighbours for the gripping storylines but we also watched religiously for the eye candy. Which one of these Neighbours Studs did you have a crush on?

1. Scott Robinson


Played by Jason Donovan 1985–89

2. Mike Young


Played by Guy Pearce 1986–89


3. Todd Landers

todd landers

Played by Kristian Schmid 1988–924.

4. Joel Samuels


Played by Daniel MacPherson 1998–2002


5. Rick AlessiRick_Alessi


Played by Dan Falzon 1992–95

6.Drew KirkNaybers_drew



Played by Dan Paris 1998–2002 and 2005


7. Sam Kratz


Played by Richard Grieve  1994–96 and 2005

8. Darren Stark

darren stark

played by various actors but most recognisably by Todd MacDonald who played the character in the later years!

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