10 TV Heart Throbs You Might Just Remember

Here is a list of 10 TV heart throbs from back in the day. Did your favourite make our list?

 1. Luke Perry ead48b403fd324430c3949cdb254de95

We loved him when he played Dylan in the early 90s show, Beverly Hills 90210

2. Kirk Cameron

Another 80s child start probably best known for playing Mike in Growing Pains.


3.Michael J Foxlandscape-1433866194-gettyimages-139569412


We loved Michael J Fox for all his big movie rolls but before that he won our hearts as  Alex in family Ties.

4. Joey Lawrence




Best known for his role as the lovable but not so bright Joey on the early 90s shoe, Blossom.

5. Scott Baio



Child start of the 70s and 80, probably best known for playing Chachi on the hit show, Happy Days.

6. Mark-Paul Gosselaar


Who could forget his character Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell?


7. Dieter Brummerdieter bru

Who remembers this Guy, Dieter Brummer who played the troubled Shane Parish in Home and Away during the early 90s?


8. John Stamos

American actor John Stamos, circa 1983. (Photo by Maureen Donaldson/Getty Images)

Still appearing on our screens to this day, but won our hearts back in the 80s when he played Jesse in the popular sitcom Full House.


9. Billy Warlockbilly warlock

Another forgotten heart throb? Burst on to our screens when he appeared as Eddie in Baywatch.

10. Jason Priestly



Appeared on our screens through out the 80s but perhaps most known as Brandon Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210