10 Transformers Toys All The Boys Wanted!

The original toy line was produced in Japan by Takara. In 1984 Hasbro bought the rights to the toy moulds and rebranded them as Transformers for distribution in North America. Takara continued to distribute the toys in Japan. The toy line became so popular that the inevitable cartoon series was produced. It wa written and recorded int U.S. but animated in Japan. The popularity of the TV series fuelled the toy sales making the Transformers Hasbro’s hottest property. Cars and planes and various other things that transformed into robots! We couldn’t get enough! Here’s our list of 10 G1 Transformers we all loved!

1. Bumblebee

bumblebeeBumblebee is the ‘little brother’ of the Autobots. He is constantly trying to prove himself to them, which leads him to take risks that often lead to mistakes, but it’s hard to stay mad at him for long

2. Thrust


The loudest of the Decepticons! He roars into every situation, bragging about his victories before he’s even won them. He certainly thinks very highly of himself.

3. Sideswipe

sideswipeSideswipe is one fast and loud autobot. He makes rash decisions and is a bit reckless. He would fight to the death to prove his worth!


4. Soundwave



One of Megatron’s most reliable Decepticons. He hears everything and can read minds all of which is reported back to Megatron. Sound wave sees himself as second in command of the decepticons.


5. Ultra Magnus

ultramagnusUltra Magnus is the infantry man of the Automats. The soldier who prefers to follow orders rather than give them. If you need a fighter, you’ve got one in Ultra Magnus!

6. Starscream

Starscream feels he would be a far better leader for the Decepticons than Megatron, unfortunately his plans to over throw the leader never really amount to much!


7. Jazz


Optimus Prime’s right hand man. Jazz is an Autobot with style! He loves earth music, and is ready for anything the Decepticons can throw at him!


8. Ironhide

ironhideThe strong silent type. Ironhide is one of the oldest Autobots. He is an ‘actions speak louder than words’ transformer!

9. Megatron


The leader of The Decepticons. He holds real content for his opposite Optimus Prime, and all the other Transformers who want peace and to forge relationships with inferior beings. He leads with an iron fist rarely suffering fools gladly!

10. Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime is a natural leader. All of the Autobots would die to protect him, and he them. He is selfless and courageous and commands respect!

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