10 Toys 80s Kids Are Sure To Remember!

We've said it before and we'll say it again our childhood toys were just better than the toys that are about these days! They really fuelled our imagination and encouraged us to play in our own imaginary world, a world that exsisted in our heads and not a screen. Here are 10 more 80s toys you loved as a kid.

1. Petite Post Office

80s toys

2. Waterful Ring Toss

Takara Co., Ltd. was a Japanese toy company founded in 1955. In March 2006, the company merged with Tomy company limited to form Takara Tomy.In 1975, Takara produced the Diaclone and Microman Micro Change toys. In 1984, the toy line was rebranded by Hasbro as "Transformers". Takara continued to sell Microman and used it as the basis for the Micronauts toy line. Micronauts were sold internationally by the Mego Corporation.
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Takara also invented Battle Beasts, the E-kara karaoke microphone, B-Daman and Beyblade. These toys were sold or distributed internationally by Hasbro. In 1978, Takara developed the Choro-Q, mini pullback cars. Internationally, they have been sold as "Penny Racers". 

3. Madballs

madballsMadballs is a series of toy rubber balls originally created by AmToy, a subsidiary company of American Greetings in the mid-1980s, later being revived by Art Asylum (2007-2008) and Just Play, Inc. (2017–present). The balls incorporated gross-out humor and each was given a character synopsis and an odd name. The toyline expanded into a franchise with an animated television series, comic books and a video game for the ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC and Commodore 64
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4. The Get Along Gang

getalonggangThe Get Along Gang are characters created in 1983 by American Greetings' toy design and licensing division, "Those Characters from Cleveland" (now American Greetings Properties), for a series of greeting cards. The Get Along Gang are a group of twelve (and later, fourteen) pre-adolescent anthropomorphic animal characters in the fictional town of Green Meadow, who form a club that meets in an abandoned caboose and who have various adventures whose upbeat stories intended to show the importance of teamwork and friendship. The success of the greeting card line led to a Saturday morning television series, which aired on CBS for 13 episodes in the 1984-1985 season, with reruns showing from January until June 1986.

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