10 Totally Awesome 80s Toys You Loved!

Well the 80s certainly wasn’t a politically correct decade, by today’s standards. Back then it was OK to say that certain things were for boys and certain things were for girls. This was never more apparent than with toy lines and their marketing. Here’s a list of 10 80s toys that were specifically aimed at girls. That’s not to say boys didn’t play with them, but how many would admit to it?

1. Keypers – 80s girls toys

80s girls toys

Keypers are toys in the shape of animals that were designed with opening compartments for children to store small items in. They were made in the 1980s by Tonka Corp. The Keypers characters depict animals (including a snail, ladybug and turtle) and have small compartments which are intended for children to hide things in. The large adult Keypers have special keys so you can lock and unlock the compartments they have located on them. The small baby Keypers have a slit in their backs so you can squeeze, open and then hide things inside. The Keypers also have small Finders for friends. The Finders help the Keypers find lost items.

2. Poochie


Poochie was a popular Mattel toy in the 1980s, a white poodle with pink ears and paws that wore a pair of purple sunglasses.  An animated special featuring the character was produced by DIC in 1984.

3. Sweet Secrets


Sweet Secrets was a toy introduced by Galoob in 1984 which transformed from jewelry, makeup and other girl-oriented objects to animals, girls with hair, and playsets. This was done by opening the object and unfolding the head, arms, and legs. The playsets included a jewelry box which transformed into a dollhouse, a play phone which transformed into a nursery, a comb which transformed into a bed, and a photo frame which transformed into a pool. In Fall 2007, Play Along Toys re-released the Sweet Secrets series; but instead of charms, they were tiny dolls that could fit into lipstick tubes and change purses.

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