10 Things You Only Ever Had At Christmas Time!

4. Terry’s Chocolate Orange


You only ever had these at Christmas back in the 80s! Somebody always bought you a dark chocolate one when you really wanted the milk chocolate! You had to whack it on the table to release the segments! It’s not Terry’s It’s mine! Terry’s was a British chocolate and confectionery maker based in York, England. It was founded in 1767 and in 1993 it was taken over by Kraft Foods. The company’s headquarters, later renamed The Chocolate Works factory, was closed by Kraft in 2005; products using the Terry’s brand name are now produced in Kraft facilities in Poland, Sweden, Belgium, and Slovakia. The Terry’s name eventually became part of Mondelēz International. Their best known products include Terry’s Chocolate Orange (1931), and Terry’s All Gold box of assorted chocolates, which was also introduced in the 1930s.

5. Nuts


This was a familiar sight at Christmas – the bowl of mixed nuts! Nobody ever ate them because all we really wanted were dry roasted!

6. Nut Cracker


You would of course need one of these for your bowl of nuts and you could never find the one you had last year so always had to buy a new one!

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