10 Things You Always Wanted For Christmas But Never Got!

For every girl who wanted to get their hands on a Barbie car there was a young boy who could only dream of getting behind the wheel of his very own Big Foot Monster Truck!

4. Mr Frosty


Probably the top of most kids christmas lists in the 80s and probably the one that got away for most of us. Fear not though those who did get it for Christmas reported that it was a load of rubbish!

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5. Cadburys Chocolate Machine

We all wanted one of these but most parents didn’t care that we really wanted it, they thought it was a waste of time and money. Turns out they were right, once the initial Chocolate had been eaten hardly anybody bothered to refill it!

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6. The Family Tree House


Lots of people were lucky enough to get this for Christmas but lots of people weren’t. Because it was one of the most popular toys of the decade it was one of the hardest to come by!

7. Raleigh Burner


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