10 Things From Your 80s School Days!

Going to school in the 80s was a very different experience than kids get these days. It was safe to walk to school on your own, sometimes we did PE in our vest and pants and some of us might even remember having the board rubber thrown at us or even getting the cain. One things for sure though that school takes up a lot of years of your life and so will form many of your child hood memories. Whether they were good or bad school memories for you is another matter! 80s School Days.

1. Drawing On Your Desk

80s school days

Everybody needed to personalise their desks right? How many names of ex boyfriends/girlfriends did you scribble out?

2. Sports Day!

Sack race, three legged race and my personal favourite Egg & Spoon!


3. School Trips

We all went on our school trips on a coach like this – but the big question was who was going to get back seat?

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