10 Things 80s School Kids Will Remember!

Yes we know we were supposed to be there to learn things, and some of us did - but the things we got up to that we weren't really supposed to be doing, form the greatest memories of our school years. No 80s school kids can forget playing kiss chase, firing paper spit balls through your bic pen and almost taking someone's eye out with a paperclip. If you remember doing those things then you will love this list of 10 more things we did at school!
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1. Paper Fortune Teller

We spent far too much time making these when we should have been working! But hey we all needed to know the future right!?

2. Calculator Tricks

A girl of 13(type 13 into calculator) was a bra size 84 (type in 84) and wanted to be a 45(now 45). She went to the doctor and the doctor said "Oh"(Type in 0). "Take these tablets 2 (2...) times(x/Times/Multiply) a day but she took them 4 (4) and ended up...(Turn calculator upside down) or something like that!

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3. Pencil Case Wars

Of course you had to have the best pencil case in the classroom!

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