10 Things 80s Girls Will Love Remembering!

7. Sweet Valley High Book


Sweet Valley High is a novel series created by Francine Pascal, who presided over a team of ghostwriters for the duration of the series. The books chronicle the lives of identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield, who live in Sweet Valley, California, United States just outside of Los Angeles. The twins and their friends attend Sweet Valley High. The series began in 1983 and ceased publication twenty years later with 603 books to its name. Over the years, the books were written by many ghostwriters. The books are generally classified as young adult or kids’ fiction and mostly belonged to the genre of soap opera, romance novel or fantasy-adventure. The series quickly gained popularity and spawned several spin-off series, including Sweet Valley Senior Year and Sweet Valley University. The novels Sweet Valley Confidential and The Sweet Life, which follow the characters as adults, were released in 2011 and 2012.

8. Body Shop Products


In 1970, Anita Roddick (then Anita Perella) visited “The Body Shop” housed in a car repairs garage in Berkeley, California selling naturally-scented soaps and lotions. The shop run by Peggy Short and Jane Saunders used natural ingredients, and helped to employ and train immigrant women. Six years later, in 1976, Roddick opened a similar shop in the UK, using the same business name, colour scheme, and cosmetic lines. In 1987, Roddick offered Short and Saunders $3.5 million to purchase the name “The Body Shop”. [4][5][6] From its first launch in the UK in 1976, The Body Shop experienced rapid growth, expanding at a rate of 50 percent annually.

9. Eraser Collection

Eraser Collection 02

Did you have an eraser collection?

10. Fashion Wheel – Memories

All the girls wanted this as they thought it would turn them into a fashion designer!