10 Things 80s Girls Remember From Their Bedroom!

When we were kids our bedrooms were our sanctuary. They were where we kept all of the things precious to us, they were decorated how we wanted them to be and they were our own space. It was where we would show off all of our things to friends on sleepovers and the place we would dream of being a pop star whilst singing into a hairbrush! Well if you are an 80s girl here are 10 fantastic things from 80s girls bedrooms.

1. Pierrot Bedding Set

girls bedroomsThe Pierrot character originated in the 17th century as a pantomime character and gained popularity quite quickly. In the 80s the sad looking clown was everywhere, on crockery, posters, furniture and even bedding sets like the one here. I bet you had a pierrot somewhere in your bedroom!

2. Care Bear Wallpaper


Did you have Care Bear wallpaper? Character wall paper was all the rage in the 80s and let’s face it there were a lot of really cool characters for you to choose from when it came to your wall covering!

The Care Bears were initially created in 1981 by Those Characters From Cleveland (TCFC), the licensing division of American Greetings. Jack Chojnacki, the co-president of TCFC, introduced the first Care Bear, to six businessmen—three from American Greeting Cards, and three from the toy company Kenner—in February 1981. On the employees’ reaction to the toy, Chojnacki recalled in early 1985: “It had a high aaaaaah factor.” Muriel Fahrion, the artist who helped create Strawberry Shortcake’s look, was also among the franchise’s first concept artists. Working with TCFC Creative VP Ralph Shaffer, Muriel designed the first six bears, creating the best-selling greeting card themes for their belly graphics. Susan Trentel, Muriel’s sister and doll designer of Strawberry Shortcake, designed the Care Bears plush. Once out of the concept stage children’s book illustrator Elena Kucharik became the primary artist for the Care Bears creating hundreds of full color illustrations for cards, books and a myriad of licensed products. TCFC’s creative team of artists and writers worked to create numerous characters in the line, which was a joint development by Those Characters From Cleveland and MAD (Marketing and Design Service of the toy group of General Mills).

As they had done with Strawberry Shortcake, once titled “Project I”, American Greeting Cards called the Care Bears development “Project II” as they strove to make the character program secret until advertising was ready. At the start of the franchise, Care Bears was already established as its working title.

3. Keypers

You always need somewhere to keep your secret things, you know, love letters, special jewellery anything you didn’t want your younger siblings to get their Grubby hands on them! So when Keepers came out they were the ideal solution, a cute toy that you could lock and brush their hair!

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