10 Things 80s Families Had In Their Kitchens!

4. Glass Mugs

A cup of tea at Nan’s house always seemed to taste much better out of these glass mugs. The particular mug in the pictures were referred to as ‘smoked’ and made by the specialist glass cookware company Pyrex.


5. Hornsea Pottery


The pottery was founded in 1949 in a small terraced house by brothers Colin and Desmond Rawson with initial funding from a friend and local business man, Philip Clappison. The factory’s earliest pieces were mostly designed by Colin Rawson, these included Character Jugs and posy vases with attached animal figures. Their products sold well and they moved to larger premises and took on their first employee in 1950. The continued expansion of the business brought about a move to an even larger site, at Edenfield, in 1954. At this time the business diversified and the Edenfield site became the first theme park in Britain. In 1984 the initial company floundered due to outside forces and financial difficulties and it was bought out in April of that year. Despite its difficulties, the factory continued to produce tableware and ornaments until April 2000 when it went into final receivership. In October 2008, Hornsea Museum in Newbegin, the main street of Hornsea, opened a permanent exhibition of Hornsea Pottery.

6. Recipe Cards


A bit like Mr Kipling, Betty Crocker is a character used in advertising campaigns for food and recipes. It was originally created by the Washburn-Crosby Company in 1921 following a contest in the Saturday Evening Post that required a female response. In 1954, General Mills, a an American Fortune 500 corporation branded the red spoon logo, giving various food-related merchandise the Betty Seal of Approval. [1] A portrait of Betty Crocker first commissioned in 1936 and revised several times since appears on printed advertisements and product packaging. On television and radio broadcasts, Betty Crocker was acted by several actresses, most notably by Adelaide Hawley Cumming between 1949 and 1964.

This library of Betty Crocker Recipe cards found it’s way into lots of kitchens in the 70s and 80s and it had some very ‘interesting’ meal ideas.

7. Chipper


Was there any meal better than egg, chips and beans? This handy little gadget made making this meal so much faster!

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