10 School Memories For 80s Kids!

Did you love school or hate it? Whatever your answer is there’s no denying we spent a massive part of our lives at School. Even if you hated it you must have a couple of fond memories of your school days – even if it was just home time! If you started School in the 80s then you are bound to remember a few things from this list.

1. Gym Mats

These wafer thin Gym Mats were all that was between you and the floor when you climbed up to  the top of the ropes!

2. National Record of Achievement


By The time you finished school in the 90s this was presented to you – all you had to show for years of education!

3. BBC Micro


Remember learning to write computer code with one of these? Half a day’s typing and it drew a box! You probably spent a lot of hours playing Witches Garden on it too! Remember the time they bought the Doomsday Book round schools on Laserdisc!

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