10 Retro Avon Products You Loved To Buy!

Before Facebook and online marketing we relied on our local Avon lady to inform us of the latest cosmetic trends. We loved Avon products. So much so we’ll bet our images bring back a ton of memories. How many of these rear avon products did you have?

1. Pomanders

avon products

We loved our pomanders, especially the fan and the ballet shoes.

2. Bright eyeshadows


We especially loved Desert Rose


3. Honeysuckle perfumeee1a6508d512aebc8718f49f9788acbcWow, brings back memories. You can almost smell it now!


4. Pretty Peach


We felt so grown up with our own set!


5. Pierrot perfume bottles


These went especially well with our Pierrot bedroom sets

6. Avon Bubble Bath


Classic shaped bottle, perfect gift for Nan at Christmas


7. Perfumed Talc


Can’t beat Avon for your perfumed talc!

8. Snoopy soap dish


Floated in the bath and everything!



9. Timeless perfume


Such a distinctive smell!

1. Novelty perfume bottles

retro avon

We especially loved the roller skate bottle!

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