10 Reasons An 80s Christmas Was Just Better!

7. The Decorations

a fold out metallic foil christmas decoration

They may seem a bit old fashioned and out of style now but back in the day the louder the shinier the brighter the better! These decorations were hung all over our house – attached to the ceiling with a drawing pin!

8. Christmas Shopping


Remember when we actually had to leave the house to do our Christmas Shopping? The high Streets were packed at this time of year with people trying to find the perfect gift for their loved ones! Shops went all out with the Christmas decorations and you couldn’t carry all of the FREE carrier bags you’d been given to get your purchases home!

9. Hunting for Presents

GiftsI’m sure kids all over the world still do this, but do you remember when your parents weren’t looking, diving into the cupboards and wardrobes to try and get a sneak peak at all the gifts they had bought you? You’d have to be quick though before they sent them all off to Santa for him to deliver on Christmas Day!-)

10. The Toys

Toys in the 80s were just better! There’s no doubt about it all of the things we had as kids were well.. just cooler than the toys that are around now! I never did get that Mr Frosty though!