10 Reasons An 80s Christmas Was Just Better!

4. The Music


At least we had a couple of real Christmas N0.1’s in the 80s! The charts were filled with Christmas classics from Shakin’ Stevens, The Pogues, Band Aid and Wham!

5. The Movies

We had some classic Christmas movies in the 80s! They were that good they are repeated every year on TV! Santa Claus The Movie was one of our favourites what was yours?

anta Claus: The Movie (known on-screen as simply Santa Claus) is a 1985 British-American Christmas film starring Dudley Moore, John Lithgow, and David Huddleston in the title role. It is the last major fantasy film produced by the Paris-based father-and-son production team of Alexander and Ilya Salkind. The film was directed by Jeannot Szwarc and released in North America on November 27, 1985, by TriStar Pictures. The 2005 DVD release was released by Anchor Bay Entertainment, under license from the film’s current owner, StudioCanal; the 25th Anniversary home video release (which also now includes Blu-ray) was by Lionsgate Home Entertainment, again under StudioCanal’s license.

Santa Claus: The Movie is a straightforward attempt to explore the mysteries of Santa Claus with the key objective being to answer some of the basic questions many children have about the Santa mythos, such as how his reindeer fly, how he and his wife made it to the North Pole, and how he ascends chimneys, among other things. The film chronicles the origins of Santa Claus, who, along with his wife Anya (Judy Cornwell), goes from being a simple working man to becoming an international icon of Christmas. At the same time, the film also tells a contemporary story in which one of Santa’s elves (alternately referred to as the “Vendequm” onscreen), a visionary named Patch (Moore), sets out to employ Santa’s toymaking methods on his own, unaware that he might be ruining the magic of Christmas in the process. The film was a financial failure and received mostly negative reviews from critics at the time of release. Despite this, the movie has earned a small cult following and has become one of the most watched Christmas movies of all time

6. TV Christmas Specials

Christmas specials were the business in the 80s! What ever your favourite TV Show was you bet they did a Christmas special. Some of the Kids Christmas Specials were a little interesting to say the least!

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