10 Pocket Money 80s Toys We All Loved!

If you were lucky enough to get pocket money in the 80s, chances are you spent it on some of the toys on this list. If you didn’t get pocket money you might have had a paper round! However you got your money,  you probably spent it on sweets and toys. Some these toys were cheap enough to buy with one lot of pocket money, some of them you might have had to save up a few weeks for but nevertheless these are the pocket money toys we bought.

1. Silly Putty

pocket money

Loved copying my Beano print onto my Silly Putty

2. Polystyrene Gliders


I must have spent a fortune on these ver the years


3. Cap Rolls

capsA weekly purchase for your cap gun and cap rockets, or a stone if you didn’t have one of those!

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