10 Places You Might Have Gone On Holiday.

If we were lucky enough to go on holiday when you were a kid, here’s where we might have gone.

1. Butlins


Butlin’s is still as popular today as it ever was, but we loved the old charm of the holiday camp and especially the Redcoats.

2. Blackpool4868822566_d296f29f4e


People began flocking to Blackpool back in the Victorian days, but we loved it when we were kids for the Illuminations.


3. Haven


Were you a member of Rory the Tiger’s Tiger Club?

4. Skiing


Ski holidays became extremely popular back in the 80s. Did you go skiing?


5. Camping


We loved camping when we were kids. Where did you go camping?

6. Pontin’s


If you weren’t a Butlin’s family, chances are you visited one of the Pontin’s holiday camps.


7. Abroad


Package holidays were beginning to be more affordable back in the 80s, more and more people chose to fly. Were you lucky enough to go abroad?

8. Benidorm



With the cost of travelling becoming popular, many people chose to visit popular destinations like Benidorm!

9. DisneylandDL stage show 80


Were you lucky enough to visit Disneyland when you were a kid? with the opening of EuroDisney back in the early 90s, many people chose to visit there for their “once in a lifetime” trip.


10. British seaside

PC Scarborough North Bay LDid you have a favourite seaside destination you went to, year after year? Popular places include Skegness, Scarborough, Brighton and Barmouth!

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