10 Movie Heart Throbs From Back In the Day!

A list of 10 movie hunks who may have been your first love! Is your movie crush on our list?

1.Andrew McCarthy


We loved him in Movies such a Pretty in Pink and Mannequin!

2. Keanu Reeves


Probably best known for his role in Bill and Ted. Keanu was a huge heart throb in his day.


3.Rob Lowe


We fell in love with Rob when he appeared as Billy in St Elmo’s Fire.

4. Tom Cruise

tom cruise

Stole our hearts when he played Maverick in Top Gun.



5.Corey Haim


We watched him grow up on screen and he stole our hearts in License to Drive.  Sadly Corey lost his life back in 2010!

6. Patrick Swayze


Who didn’t want to dance along side Patrick Swayze after watching Dirty Dancing? Another talented actor taken too young, Patrick passed away back in 2009!

7.Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Had lots of minor roles and tv ads  in the 80s but first grabbed our attention when he appeared in Thelma and Louise back in the early 90s!


8. Robert Downey Jr


Had lots of smaller roles in the 80s and we fell in love with his cheeky on stage characters, however, he had a reputation for being a bad boy.

9.Mel Gibson


We loved him in as Riggs in Lethal Weapon.

10. Jonny Depp

jonny.pjgWe couldn’t have a list of ten movie heart throbs without including Jonny Depp!