10 Memories To Make You Feel Old!

7. Who Shot Jr

LARRY HAGMAN American Actor Stars in the American TV series "Dallas" Bandphoto Agency Photo B48 040864 18.08.1995

One of the most remembered soap story lines, the question on everybody’s lips was who shot Jr. So closely guarded the tapes containing the reveal were flown into the country under armed guard!

Here is the infamous moment!

8. Maradona The Hand of God!


We still find this very hard to talk about! If you can bear it here’s the clip!

9. Den Gives Angie Divorce Papers On Christmas Day

Christmas Day Eastenders has now become as much a part of Christmas as the Turkey for some people. How could we forget the moment Dirty Den handed Angie the divorce papers with the line ‘Happy Christmas Ang!’

Here is that very moment

10. The Challenger Disaster – 80s TV Moments

80s tv moments

The Space Shuttle Challenger lifts off Pad 39B at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, at 11:38 a.m., EST, January 28, 1986. The entire crew of seven was lost in the explosion 73 seconds into the launch. (AP Photo/NASA)

This tragic accident will be remembered by our generation for a long time. Many of us at the time had raced home to watch after school TV when the broadcast was interrupted with the news of the challenger disaster.