10 Memories To Make You Feel Old!

The 80s was full of decade defining moments, some of them fictional and some of them tragically real. Many of them were broadcast on TV and with only a few channels to choose from the majority of us were witness to them through our TV Screens. Here’s our list of 10 80s tv moments that we’ll always remember!

1. Scott & Charlene Get Married


As weddings go this was probably second only to another certain wedding further down our list. We all tuned in to see the pair get married. It also gave Angry Anderson a hit record with ‘Suddenly’  Get your tissues out here it is in all it’s glory!

2. Torvill & Dean Win Olympic Gold


It was the winter of 1984 and the nation gathered around their TV sets with bated breath to see Torvill and Dean perform there Bolero routine. Not only did they win gold but they were awarded the perfect score! There place in the nations heart remains as strong today. Here is their Winning Bolero performance.

3. Channel 4 Starts

chan 4

It was the 2nd November 1982 4.45pm (Why didn’t they go with 4.44pm) when the nation gained a fourth TV channel. In this day and age new channels appear almost daily but back then it was a very big deal. The first programme ever broadcast on Channel 4 was of course Countdown!

Here is the moment the channel started Broadcasting.