10 Memories For 80s Kids To Share!

4. Programmes For Schools

boyfromspaceWe had some great programmes made to watch at school. Some of them were a bit weird though like The Boy From Space!When brother and sister Dan and Helen see a strange object falling from the sky one night, they set out to look for traces of a meteorite in the nearby sand-pit. There, they are confronted by a strange thin man, and discover a boy called Peep-peep who speaks a bizarre alien language. Originally broadcast in 1971, as part of the BBC’s educational ‘Look and Read’ strand, The Boy from Space was shown again in 1980 in a revised version featuring new presenters Wordy and Cosmo, as well as updates – including a new forward and a voice-over – to the main drama.
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5. Come and Praise

comeandpraiseWe all sang hymns from this book, hymns like The Ink Is Black!
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6. £1 Note

poundnoteOur pounds were notes not coins!

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