10 Memories 80s Kids Will Cherish!

We know you clicked on the link for this list, because you love a bit of Nostalgia! We all love to remember those simpler times when we were all a lot younger and had hardly a care in the world! Here are 10 images of 80s life

1. Bamboozle Teletext Game


The game used Fastext keys (different coloured buttons on the TV remote control) to select the desired answer from a choice of four, and was “presented” by virtual host Bamber Boozler, who derived his name from the word “bamboozle” and the name of University Challenge host, Bamber Gascoigne. Bamber Boozler’s appearance was constrained by the limitations of the Level 1 World System Teletext alpha mosaic display format. From 1993-2005, Teletext competitions editor Julian Edwards created the quiz “Bamber Boozler” and the character “Bamber Boozler”. In later years, journalists Charlie Ghagan and, latterly, Roger Wilkinson oversaw the quiz. Roger Wilkinson also provides content for the Teletext iPhone app.

A new set of questions was originally given each week, but this soon became more regular, eventually becoming daily. Each game originally had 25 questions, later reduced to 20, then 15 and eventually 12. The player was required to answer all questions correctly in order to complete the quiz, but was allowed multiple attempts to do so. Initially, if a question was answered incorrectly, the player would have to start again from Question 1, However this was later amended so that a maximum of three questions would need to be answered again.

2. School Apparatus


Gym equipment or an instrument of torture?

3. 10p Mix


Back in the days when you could actually get uptown 20 sweets with just 10p – even when the half pence piece disappeared mojo and the like were still 2 for a penny in many sweet shops!

4. Wade Animals


Wade Ceramics Ltd are manufacturers of porcelain and earthenware, including animal figures for their Collectors Club, whisky flagons, and a variety of industrial ceramics. In the 1950s, the Wade potteries created Whimsies, small solid porcelain animal figures first developed by Sir George Wade, which became popular and collectable in Britain and America, following their retail launch in 1954 and were widely available in shops throughout the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. The figurines have also been offered along with Red Rose Tea since 1967. Their other brand names of inexpensive collectable porcelain include, TV Pets, Whoppas, and Minikins.  Over the years, Wade has produced many licensed pieces based on popular TV shows, comic books, Disney films,[2] and more recently the Mr. Men books and Pok√©mon, and has won numerous awards.