10 School Assembly Hymns You Still Remember!

If you went to school in the UK in the 70s and 80s, it's a good bet that you used the blue Come and Praise book to sing Hymns in your school assembly. You won't believe how many of the lyrics you remember to some of your favourites from that famous book

Give Me Oil In My Lamp

"Oil in My Lamp", also known as "Give Me Oil in My Lamp" and "Sing Hosanna", is a traditional Christian hymn based on the Parable of the Ten Virgins. The song has been recorded many times and was a hit in Jamaica in 1964 for Eric "Monty" Morris,[1] as well as appearing on The Byrds' 1969 album Ballad of Easy Rider.
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Give me oil in my lamp, Keep me burning, Give me oil in my lamp, I pray,! Give me oil in my lamp, Keep me burning, Keep me burning Till the break of day.Chorus: Sing hosanna! sing hosanna! Sing hosanna to the King of kings! Sing hosanna! sing hosanna! Sing hosanna to the King!

2. The Ink Is Black (Black & White)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_2YcMlKVPQ The ink is black The page is white Together we learn to read and write A child is black A child is white A whole world looks upon the sight A beautiful sight And now a child can understand That this is the law of all the land All the land The world is black The world is white It turns by day and then by night A child is black A child is white Together they grow to see the light To see the light
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3. Water of Life

Water of life is a hymn written by Christian Stover. It was also included in the UK hymn book Come and praise, published by the BBC.Have you heard the raindrops drumming on the rooftops'? Have vou heard the raindrops dripping on the ground? Have you heard the raindrops splashing in the streams And running to the rivers all around? There's water, water of life, Jesus gives us the water of life;

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