10 Great Memories For All The 80s Kids!

There’s loads of things that remind us of our childhood. Many of them are still around but many of them are long gone like the things on this list. Here’s 10 memories for all 80s memories kids

1. Jokes On Lollipop Sticks

80s memoriesWe all love a good joke – but these were nothing like good jokes! Sometimes you knew the punch line other times you’d have to wait until you’d eaten enough of your ice lolly to see it on the stick. It was usually a groan that came out rather than a laugh!

2. 50p Meters


Remember the days before we could all pay our energy bills by a handy monthly direct debit? These days your energy bills are often estimated, back in the day we knew exactly how much we were spending as the lights would go out if you hadn’t put enough coins in the meter. When they did everybody had to scramble around for a 50p to top the meter up!


3. Video Shops


Sadly today’s kids will never get to enjoy the video shop experience. 80s kids loved the video shop. Getting hold of new titles was sometimes tricky unless you booked them, and you could get a fine if you didn’t rewind! In the days before the internet it was the video cover that sold a movie to us, the images and the little description on the back, were all we had to go on! Sometimes that meant a movie company over egged the film a little and what sounded like an amazing movie could turn out to be terrible!

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