10 Fraggle Rock Characters You Loved!

Fragile Rock was of course created by the man behind the muppets Jim Henson. It was in fact a British/Canadian production. The setting for the series was in a series of caves in Fraggle Rock which (in the UK version at least) was below a lighthouse. The puppets were very similar to muppets and became extremely popular in the 80s and 90s, with a massively popular set of merchandising. Here are 10 characters from Fraggle Rock you may have forgotten.

1. Gobo


Gobo is the natural leader of the fraggles, he is clever and brave. He wants to follow in the footsteps of his Uncle as an explorer.

2. Mokey


Money is the hippie of the bunch. She is an artist and a poet and seems to operate on a higher level of consciousness than all the other fraggles


3. The Doozers


Dozers are always working! They mine radishes from the gorge garden and make boozer sticks out of them to use in their construction work!

4. Boober

Boober is an eternal pessimist. He firmly believes that if anything can go wrong it will an it will almost certainly happen to him!


5. Wembley


Wembley can never make up his mind! He is also endearingly honest and couldn’t tell a lie if his life depended on it! He admires Gobo and secretly wishes he was a bit more like him!


6. Uncle Travelling Matt


Gobo’s Uncle is the greatest living fraggle explorer! After he finished exploring the rock – he ventured out into the real world. Gobo often receive’s postcards from him.


7. Marjorie Trash Heap


Quite simply the oracle! The agony aunt that everybody goes to for the answers they seek!


8. The Gorgs

thegorgsA Fraggle’s worst enemy! Thankfully Jr Gorg is far too stupid to actually capture any of the Fraggles


9. Red

red_fraggleRed can only be described as hyperactive! She is Fraggle Rock champion of every sport you could imagine, and some you couldn’t!


10. Sprocket

fraggle rock

Sprocket is the lighthouse dog, who always chases Gobo when he goes to retrieve Uncle Travelling Matt’s postcards!

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