10 Fantastic 80s Toys We All Wish We’d Had!

7. Wearbears


The WereBears were a series of teddy bears released in 1983 in the United Kingdom. They were created by George Nicholas, a muralist and managing director with Impact Murals, philanthropist and director of his charity Art For Their Sake, cartoonist, animator, and author, so that boys could have teddy bears without worrying about being bullied. The WereBears’ adventure begins near the fictional village of Munchen-Luncheon, a tiny place in a remote corner of Bavaria where time seems to have stood still. The Bears were created by kindly old toymaker Baron Egon Baconburger, who lives in Castle Casserole. But the Baron fell victim to an ancient curse on his family that changed him into a werewolf, and somehow he passed on this curse to the four teddy bears… hence they became WereBears. Now the Bears have got themselves hopelessly lost in the forest and the Baron desperately needs to find them before his secret is discovered. The Baron and the Bears may look scary, but they are still innocent and good-hearted inside. However, there are darker forces to be reckoned with… anything might happen in the forest beyond Munchen-Luncheon, because it is the enchanted domain of the horrible Witch Hazel, her hideous TerrorTeds, and other assorted nasties!

8. Grumples



9. Baby William

10. Wuzzles


he Wuzzles features a variety of short, rounded animal characters (each called a Wuzzle, which means to mix up). Each is a roughly even, and colorful, mix of two different animal species (as the theme song mentions, “livin’ with a split personality”), and all the characters sport wings on their backs, although only Bumblelion and Butterbear are seemingly capable of flight. All of the Wuzzles live on the Isle of Wuz. Double species are not limited to the Wuzzles themselves. From the appleberries they eat to the telephonograph in the home, or a luxury home called a castlescraper, nearly everything on Wuz is mixed together in the same way the Wuzzles are. The characters in the show were marketed extensively. The characters were featured in children’s books, as poseable figures and plush toys (similar to Care Bears), and in a board game.

It was a bigger success in the United Kingdom, where the pilot episode aired as a theatrical featurette in 1986 alongside a re-release of Disney’s Bambi. In the United Kingdom, The Wuzzles and Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears were originally screened on the same channel (ITV) in 1985/1986; therefore, both series enjoyed high popularity, and The Wuzzles was also repeated on the Children’s BBC (now called CBBC) in 1987. Reruns of the show were aired on both The Disney Channel and Toon Disney. Songwriter Stephen Geyer performs the lead vocal and composed the theme song for The Wuzzles.

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